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Options for Your Attorney Career

The field of law is peppered with rows and rows of specializations, fields, and sub-niches. Some are high paying fields, while others can be lower paying. Some attorney fields will work primarily inside of the courtroom, while others will hunker down in board rooms or private offices. Depending on what you want to do with your law degree, there are a number of options that may suit your individual taste.

Corporate Law

A corporate lawyer’s life is filled with talk of acquisitions and mergers, liability and compliance, and contracts and taxation. Because of the vast range of matters you’ll need to be the expert on, there’s an opportunity to become even further specialized in your work, so that you can coordinate with your company’s accounting, compliance, and government relations departments. While this position is work-intensive, you’ll be compensated accordingly, as corporate law is one of the highest paying legal fields.

Criminal Law

For those who view themselves as the hero in a tale of a man or organization wrongfully sanctioned by an overreaching, prosecutorial government, criminal law may be the perfect law practice for you. Criminal defense attorneys is expected to advocate for his or her clients with extensive knowledge, as well as having excellent written and oral skills. They must be able to make a strong argument for their clients’ exoneration while thinking both strategically and tactically as they craft a defense strategy that works.

Personal Injury Law

A personal or work injury lawyer advocates for clients who have been injured, physically or psychologically, due to the negligence of someone else. Lawyers in this field must be experts in torts law to be able to assign blame and responsibility to the correct party. These lawyers also must be personable yet objective, interviewing clients to find the right avenue to help recoup costly medical and rehabilitation bills, lost pay, or help mitigate ongoing financial trauma caused by the accident.

Choosing A Legal Practice

Choosing the best legal field for your future career as a new attorney isn’t always a simple decision. However, by researching what’s involved with some of the top areas of the legal profession and some specialty fields of practice, you’ll be able to make the correct choice for a lifetime of helping people or companies with their legal needs.